Maureen Francisco

Have you heard of a double zero? It’s a size smaller than zero. Filipino American and Issaquah resident Maureen Francisco wrote an article about being that petite called “Double Zero: Pick on Someone Your Own Size.” Available in digital form on January 15, the article makes the cover story for the Winter 2009/10 issue of Stiletto Woman Magazine, a national magazine that explores all topics related to women ( This is the first time Francisco has submitted an article to a magazine. She came up with the topic when people started creating preconceived ideas regarding her size. “I wanted to inform people that being this petite is not what it’s sized up to be. I wanted to dispel the myths that come with this size such as I starve myself, which is not true at all. I wasn’t always this petite,” she pointed out. She has always had a passion for writing and writes a monthly newsletter each month called Mo ( about living life to the fullest. Francisco is now working hard on finding a home for her first-time book, which was edited by international best-selling author Anthony Flacco.

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