To the Seattle Public Schools Board:

You are probably aware that with the firing of Ann Chan, who was head of human resources, there are no Asians or Pacific Islanders in the Central Administration. This is unacceptable because it does not reflect the diversity of Seattle where Asians and Pacific Islanders are the largest minority population as well as in the Seattle Public Schools.

It appears that Susan Enfield is not aware of Seattle’s diversity and such was the case of her predecessor until she hired Ann Chan. The Seattle Public Schools will be better served to open the position of Superintendent to recruit and hire someone who is aware of Seattle’s diversity and the needs of its immigrant and refugee communities. And with the Families and Education Levy on the ballot, the Asian and Pacific Islanders communities want to be assured that the educational needs of our children will be addressed by a Superintendent and a Board who are aware of our existence.

Frank Irigon

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