We believe Mayor Conrad Lee should continue to be Bellevue’s Mayor. Mayor Lee’s active promotion of Bellevue as a growing business hub to the international community has greatly expanded Bellevue’s visibility to investors worldwide. He has tirelessly worked to bring businesses and investments to Bellevue, our region, and our state. Prominent examples would be his signing of major business agreements with Chinese companies, such as his agreement with Beijing Construction and Engineering Group International, signed during the recent Washington State trade mission to China, and his interview with the Wall Street Journal to promote the City of Bellevue. Earlier this year, Mayor Lee attended the BoAo Asian Forum, an economic forum held in Hainan, China, with hundreds of world leaders. This has promoted interest in Bellevue, Seattle, and Washington state as a whole in businesses based overseas.

Even before the economic fallout in 2008, Mayor Lee has recognized the importance of promoting Bellevue’s relations with the fast-growing Asian business sector. He recognized the importance of bringing in revenue from international communities to boost Bellevue’s economic reserves. What better method than to approach China and other Asian countries with a sound investment opportunity? Invest in Bellevue, a leading city in technology and business.

Now, as Bellevue and the rest of the world are beginning to move out of the economic recession, Mayor Lee is looking forward yet again. Instead of being used to weather an economic storm, international investments can now be used to boost city productivity and expand city resources. As the world economy rebounds, hundreds of opportunities for investing will open up in the next few years. Mayor Lee recognizes that timing is crucial. In fact, Mayor Lee understands that now is the most important time for honing in on Bellevue’s status as a dream city for investors. If Mayor Lee is not reelected as Mayor, then Bellevue may lose billions of revenue from investments in the region. More importantly, all that our city has accomplished in economic development and international outreach these past two years may lose steam as investors turn elsewhere for opportunities.

As a Mayor of Chinese descent, Mayor Lee has the ability to reach out to Chinese business leaders in a manner unmatchable by other leaders. He has worked relentlessly to promote Bellevue regionally, nationally, and globally as a leading city in innovation and growth. He will bring strong, international businesses to Bellevue—the key to Bellevue’s continued growth. But he needs time. Another term as Mayor of Bellevue will grant him, and us, the time to boost Bellevue’s economic vitality and strengthen our city’s image as a world-class economic hub.

Yi Ping Chan
Principal of Chanden Inc. Washington State

Timothy Lee
Founding Chairman
Bellevue Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Christopher S. Own
CEO, Voxa

ZhaoHui Tang
AdSage Corporation

James Wong
Founder / CEO
Avidian Technologies
Prophet – CRM Simplified with Outlook

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