To the Editor,

We watched with repulsion the return of the “Bodies” exhibit to Seattle this fall. We are offended and disgusted at the disingenuous attempt to disguise the commercial displaying of human bodies as “education.” There are ways to educate the general public about the human body and disease without mining dead bodies for their shock value.

As Chinese Americans we have a millennia-old culture of showing respect to our dead. We are particularly sickened by the display of questionably acquired human remains displayed in seemingly “normal” activities. We live in an era where museum curators and educators are becoming more aware of the need to be respectful of other cultures, for example, in how we treat the bones and the burial sites of their ancestors. This sensitivity and respect should extend to the individuals whose bodies are being desecrated after their death by crass entrepreneurs who seek to gain financially by their demise.

We hope that before the public spends money on this disgraceful exhibit, they will ponder on these comments and ask themselves whether they would wish this fate on their family members or even their worst enemies.

Ron Chew
David Djang, MD
Eleanor Djang, MD
Lily Jung, MD
Brian Lock
Debbie Louie
Serena Louie
Connie So
Pei Pei Sung
Shin Ping Tu, MD
Dean Wong
Tina Young

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