Seattle’s Little Saigon neighborhood. • Courtesy Photo

The following is an open letter from Little Saigon community member Frank Nam.

Hey friends who are marching this Saturday in the Womxn’s March on Seattle: That day is the biggest shopping day for many of the local (many which are mom-and-pop shops) stores in Little Saigon. For many of them it’s a make-or-break day as many folks are coming to shop for supplies to prep for the upcoming Lunar New Year. The march is going to disrupt their business day for at least a couple of hours if not half the day.

Please consider eating dinner in Little Saigon or buying your weeks worth of groceries from the stores there (Viet Wah is awesome) or eating lunch there on Sunday.

It would be tragic if a march to protest an incoming administration, who we fear would trample the rights of immigrants and people of color, goes ahead and severely disrupts the livelihood of the same people.

Thanks for listening.

Frank Nam

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