Bao is a savory bun that is commonly filled with seasoned ground pork and steamed in a white pillowy dough. For Amy Wu and her family, including a fluffy white cat, making baos is a family affair. 

While Mom, Dad, and Grandma are able to make perfectly plaited buns, Amy is frustrated that it is the only thing that she cannot seem to do. She either puts too much filling, too little, or even worse, she doesn’t close the baos correctly so they end up falling apart when they are steamed. 

As Amy watches her Dad rolling out the dough, she renews her commitment to finally make the perfect bao. Everyone has gathered around the table and ingredients and it’s time for the wrapping to begin! Chua offers bright and lively portrayals of Amy’s bao making attempts with humor and charm. Just when Amy is about to give up entirely, she gets an idea and enlists the help of Grandma. They will have to wait until the buns are steamed to see if she finally finds success. 

Young readers will be drawn further into the lighthearted story with the help of the textured and dynamic perspectives in the illustrations. A recipe follows, guaranteeing a bao making session. This read aloud is a delectable treat! 

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