The Washington State Budget & Policy Center is hiring for a full-time campaign communications specialist to join our hardworking, fun, and small-but-mighty communications team. This position will focus on working with a coalition of more than 40 organizations that played a key role in the passage of legislation to create the Washington Working Families Tax Credit (WFTC) in the 2021 state legislative session. 

Following this legislative win, the Working Families Tax Credit Coalition now seeks to ensure that implementation of the credit successfully and equitably reaches the roughly 420,000 eligible households when the first payments begin in 2023. The communications specialist will implement campaign communications to advance the organizing and legislative goals of this highly collaborative coalition of more than 40 regional, statewide, and national organizations that seek to pass and implement cash policies that: ensure people with low incomes can meet their basic needs, help undo racial inequities and barriers to wealth, include cash assistance for undocumented immigrants, and strengthen local economies.  

The specialist will also implement communications strategies for the Washington State Budget & Policy Center’s related policies aimed at ensuring Washingtonians have economic security and dignity, including other direct cash supports. 


  • Manage¬†communications¬†and serve as a lead for the communications subcommittee¬†for the WFTC coalition,¬†working¬†and planning¬†alongside the¬†field¬†organizing and policy/lobbying team leads¬†from various organizations.¬†
  • Work with¬†a coalition of over¬†40¬†organizations¬†to produce¬†materials, messaging, training, and other communications¬†tools¬†that support¬†the coalition‚Äôs work around¬†implementation and advocacy.¬†¬†
  • Write, edit, and produce¬†original content,¬†including email and text blasts, recorded video messages, and¬†website¬†content¬†
  • Continue¬†to build out a story bank of personal stories from people who can talk about what extra cash would mean for them ‚Äď and create opportunities to share those stories on social media, online, with reporters, etc.¬†
  • Collaborate with state agencies like the Department of Revenue (the administrating agency for the WFTC)¬†to provide feedback on state agency materials as well as¬†align coalition communications¬†plans¬†with¬†broader¬†state¬†implementation¬†timelines.¬†
  • Develop and implement proactive earned media outreach. This involves:¬†
    • Writing, releasing, and doing follow-up on press releases¬†and¬†media advisories¬†
    • Making targeted pitches to reporters¬†and potentially organizing press calls or webinars¬†
    • Occasionally preparing spokespeople¬†¬†
  • Manage¬†social media¬†and online¬†campaigns. This involves:¬†
    • Designing campaign graphics (or working with a designer)¬†¬†
    • Creating¬†and generating¬†stakeholder¬†engagement with¬†social media toolkits¬†¬†
    • Using¬†other¬†online tools¬†(such as e-communications)¬†to communicate¬†with key audiences¬†about our work¬†
    • Work with¬†Budget & Policy Center¬†public relations¬†staff and WFTC¬†coalition partners to ensure¬†they‚Äôre¬†using¬†consistent messaging¬†and reaching key audiences through various¬†communications¬†channels.¬†
  • Perform other duties as assigned¬†



  • Demonstrated commitment to equity in all forms, and to the Budget & Policy Center‚Äôs goals of justice and¬†prosperity for all Washingtonians¬†
  • A demonstrated¬†understanding of the need to undo racial inequities in public policies and institutions, as well as an understanding of the systemic barriers to opportunity and wealth that lead to disproportionate rates of poverty among people of color¬†
  • Ability to translate sometimes complex policy concepts into accessible¬†written materials¬†¬†¬†
  • Experience working with the media, implementing social media actions, and collecting personal stories¬†
  • Experience¬†working in a communications¬†role¬†or similar role in previous¬†statewide¬†or regional¬†campaigns¬†(related to legislation or¬†ballot¬†initiatives or candidates)¬†
  • Attention to detail and ability to coordinate multiple projects, priorities, and deadlines¬†with a range of different partners¬†
  • Excellent relationship-building and¬†interpersonal¬†skills¬†
  • Strong¬†writing, editing, and¬†copy-editing skills. Ability to communicate effectively¬†and compellingly¬†with¬†a wide range of¬†audiences¬†¬†
  • Skills with social media¬†‚Äď primarily Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube¬†


  • Skills¬†in WordPress, email-distribution systems,¬†and¬†graphic design software/platforms¬†‚Äď Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and¬†Canva¬†preferred¬†


The salary range for this position has been set at $64,000 ‚Äď $70,000.¬†Salary ranges are set in alignment with our organizational compensation philosophy, which is reviewed and updated¬†by the board of directors¬†bi-annually.¬†The Budget & Policy Center¬†also¬†offers a comprehensive benefits package including health, vision, and dental insurance, life and long-term disability insurance, retirement, flexible spending accounts, and support for ongoing professional development. We also¬†offer four weeks of paid vacation and five personal days per year in addition to 10 paid holidays and generous sick leave.¬†

This position works weekdays during regular business hours; however, limited evening and weekend coverage of Seattle or Olympia events or social media actions may be required. This role will be remote until the Budget & Policy Center determines it is safe to go back to in-person work. The expectation is that the Communications Specialist will be fully based with the team in Seattle, Washington. 

The role reports to the Budget & Policy Center communications director and works closely with the Working Families Tax Credit coalition manager, members of the policy and communications teams at the Budget & Policy Center, and team leads with the WFTC coalition.  

To Apply 

Send a cover letter, resume,¬†two writing¬†samples, and one optional graphic design sample¬†to‚ÄĮ[email protected]. In your cover letter, please address¬†your campaign communications experience and your¬†commitment to¬†advancing¬†racial equity.¬†

Deadline to apply is Monday, December 13, 2021. 

The Budget & Policy Center values a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; immigrants; people with disabilities; people of any sexual orientation or gender identity; and people with low-income backgrounds and other diverse life experiences. 

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