Citizens’ Elections Oversight Committee

The following information describes the qualifications for being a member of the
Citizens’ Elections Oversight Committee (CEOC) and responsibilities expected for
members of the committee.

Qualifications to be a CEOC member
1. A working knowledge of local or state government elections operations and
management, demography, technology and organizational management.
2. A strong commitment to an accountable, transparent, well-managed and efficient
elections operation in King County.
3. A willingness to commit the time necessary to attend committee meetings and
4. A nominee or appointee to the committee shall not hold elective public office or be a
candidate for election to public office, other than as a precinct committee officer.
5. For members that represent the Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Vietnamesespeaking communities it is highly desirable to be able to read the respective language
and to demonstrate strong ties to the respective communities.
6. It is helpful for all members to have good oral communication skills as well as
interpersonal skills and to be able to work well in a group situation.

Responsibilities of CEOC Members

1. Review recent reports on elections and recent legislation that affects elections
standards, procedures, equipment and technologies.
2. Conduct oversight of the implementation of new standards or procedures for
elections as mandated by federal, state or county legislation.
3. Monitor the primary and general elections and canvassing board meetings to
observe if proper procedures are followed, to report on any problems that are observed
or come to light, to recommend corrective actions on problems that may arise and to
ensure that any problems that arise are discussed in an open and public manner. The
committee shall report to the council in a timely way on any significant problems that
might occur or on any serious concerns the committee may have.
4. Attend monthly meetings (second Wednesdays, 11:30am – 1:00pm at King County
Elections headquarters in Renton).
5. Submit a report to the council on committee observations, findings and
recommendations regarding the primary and general elections by February 1 of each
year. (Staff drafts the report based on input from CEOC members.)

Download the application here.

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