Dear everyone,

Jameelah and I bought some morel mushrooms! Half a pound’s worth! And we might have also bought a house.

All these months of house hunting have been fun, and exhausting, and heartbreaking, honestly. After we withdrew the offer on the last house, the listing agent called back, begging us to resubmit the same offer. Aw, I think, that poor old couple, trying to move to Florida.

But heck no! Because this weekend, we found this awesome little house. As soon as we walked in, Jameelah and I fell in love. I’ve only fallen in love a few times in my life, and one time was with Rubbermaid Stainshield containers, so you know it doesn’t happen often. This house is really cool. It’s not too big, but much bigger than our apartment, and it has a little view of the lake and mountain in the distance. And it’s a little out of our price range, but it’s OK, because the basement is all done with a bath and kitchen and we can just rent it out to supplement our income.

And our neighbors are retired and love gardening! They have fruit trees! And kale! And grapes on the vine! We’re already thinking of what to bring over to them so they will like us and give us helpful gardening tips. Vegan flan, that should do it.

Of course, we’ve started daydreaming of stuff we could do: Vegan barbecues! Sunbathing on the deck! An office for me to play video games in! And a cage to start our very own ferret farm! (That last one is a maybe, since Jameelah has never appreciated ferret farming).

Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed for us. We submitted the offer today and gave them two days to respond, so we should know by Wednesday if we get this house. The morels are soaking in salt water to get rid of bugs. If we get the house, we’ll celebrate by sautéing the morel mushrooms in Earth Balance butter and garlic. If we don’t, we’ll sauté them in Earth Balance butter, garlic, and tears.

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