On top of all the challenges we all face currently, communicating in the time of COVID 19 has been extremely trying for all of us.

Losing so many of the usual opportunities for chance meetings on the street corner or running into our friends and neighbors at our favorite restaurant has been a difficult loss for everyone. Not being able to shake hands or even give a hug has changed the way we all interact and has left many feeling isolated. Although in this unique time, social media has also shown many that digital divides can be overcome and we can still find ways to connect in meaningful ways.

It has been a time to reflect, reassess and reprioritize.

That is no different for us at InterIm CDA. We are taking a part of this time to adjust and expand our capacity to better engage with the community, and in the work we do.

We are extremely proud of the work that we have accomplished through our outreach and food programs for elders during the pandemic, as well as our Employment Navigation program, which has provided vital services in these troubling and challenging times. Our housing programs have adapted and continue to produce great results. But we know we must do more.

One step we have taken is to review InterIm CDA communications as a whole. This will help to enable us to better understand our communications strengths and identify areas for growth; specifically those involving social media.

Limited capacity and scarce resources are always a challenge in the not for profit world and InterIm is no different. InterIm has long focused on direct community services and meeting community needs first. Unfortunately, communications has all too often fallen lower on a long list of pressing priorities. We are seeking to change that.

In the months and years ahead, you will see major shifts in how we engage the community in the work we do. We encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course our new website, as we seek these improvements.

As we go about identifying these areas for improvement, we look forward to your input and suggestions. How can we better reach you and hear your voices? We hope to collect your stories and the stories of important people in your life. We also desire more ways for feedback especially on the successes of our programs and the positive impacts we have had on you and your family.

We know this work will not be easy and there will be hurdles and setbacks, but we are committed to transparency, accountability and expanding our engagement throughout the community. We are prioritizing these efforts so that we can continue building on our legacy of work for the community and achieving goals that center C-ID voices and needs. Because we are stronger together than we are individually.

We are excited for you to see the changes coming in the months and years ahead and look forward to continuing to receive your feedback on these efforts.

We give deep appreciation, and want to thank all of our partners, staff, clients, neighbors, and friends who have supported us over the last five decades, through all the good times and the challenging times. Your support makes us the community resource we are and is foundational to the years ahead.

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