1969: International District Improvement Association (Inter*Im) was incorporated, today known as InterIm CDA.

1971: The Kingdome was being planned, and the community and InterIm CDA protested and held demonstrations to protect the neighborhood and its residents.

1974: InterIm CDA helped form ID Community Health Clinic, later to become International Community Health Services (ICHS); InterIm CDA organized a working group to draft language that in 1975 became SCIDpda.

1975: Based on feedback from elders in the community, Bob Santos of InterIm CDA led activists and volunteers to create the Danny Woo Community Garden.

1977: InterIm CDA helped form the Denise Louie Early Childhood Education Center.

1979: InterIm CDA helped form the International District Housing Alliance.

1981: InterIm CDA and other community organizations helped create the International Children’s Park, now the Donnie Chin International Children’s Park.

1990: SCIDpda and InterIm CDA lobby for Metro property for ID Village Square.

1991: InterIm CDA renovated the Gee How Oak Tin Apartments, creating 21 affordable apartments.


1994: InterIm CDA acquired the NP Hotel, creating 63 affordable apartments.

1996: InterIm CDA renovated the Rex Hotel, creating 30 affordable apartments.

1997: ID Housing Alliance created the Wilderness Inner-City Leadership Development, WILD, the youth leadership program.

1998: InterIm CDA helped create Highland Gardens Family Housing in Issaquah, creating 58 affordable apartments; InterIm CDA renovated the Eastern Hotel; InterIm CDA and the CIDBIA implemented Jackson Street Streetscape Improvements, including the columns under I-5.

2006: InterIm CDA created Nihonmachi Terrace Family Housing, creating 41 new apartments.

2008: InterIm CDA secured property at 5th and Main for workforce housing, eventually to become Hirabayashi Place.

2009: InterIm CDA created Samaki Commons Family Housing, creating 41 new apartments; InterIm CDA completed the Greet Street Project on Maynard Ave.; InterIm CDA started the Children’s Garden and added a chicken coop to the garden.


2012: InterIm CDA and ID Housing Alliance merged.

2013: InterIm CDA led a neighborhood beautification project with Urban Artworks artists painting columns on King Street under the I-5 freeway; InterIm CDA organized 100 volunteers to fold 3000 origami cranes to create an inspirational message in a temporary art installation honoring Gordon Hirabayashi’s courageous stance for justice at the future location of Hirabayashi Place.

2016: InterIm CDA completed Hirabayashi Place, creating 96 new workforce apartments and Legacy of Justice, a public art installation honoring Gordon Hirabayashi.

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