The Health Global Connect Inc., is collaborating with the International Community Health Services (ICHS) in an exciting new startup bringing some innovative new technologies to help cancer patients. On Sept. 16, the groups hosted to a full house at an event at the Asian Community Referral Services (ACRS) to launch its beta site in a joint symposium with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. On display was the first of many features that HGC plans to roll out: Time Capsule, a way for patients to capture memories to pass on to family, friends and future generations. A home for their legacy. Co-Founder, Lyon Wong, formally introduced the company and spoke about the team’s mission to provide hope and support to the cancer community, addressing the needs of patients and caregivers with 4 principle areas of development: Connection; Caregiving; Contribution; and Closure. Fred Hutchinson immunotherapy researcher, Dr. Cassian Yee, followed Wong’s overview. Dr. Yee is a pioneer in the field of adoptive immunotherapy, in which special cancer-fighting T-cells are extracted from a patient’s body, multiplied, and transplanted back into the patient.

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