Dear Editor:
I read your column “Immigration Matters – Know your rights” (Jan. 3 – 16 issue) and am truly offended by it.

It seems [to] me that any legal, law abiding citizen has an obligation to be honest, forthright and helpful to authorities. Why would anyone in this country legally, who is not a criminal, refuse to give such basic information to police or immigration authorities?

Your article is quite obviously written for the benefit of those here illegally or for those who are criminals. Why would you even print such trash?

Legal immigrants and minorities have more at stake in stemming the tide of illegal immigrants than non-minorities. They are the ones who bear the brunt of the prejudice caused by the illegal immigrants. They are the ones looked at with suspicionÜand they are the ones who should be at the forefront of pushing for the enforcement of immigration law, just as your paper should be doing.

Instead of providing information on how to avoid authorities, you should be providing information on how to report those who have broker [sic] our immigrationÜlaws. This is a topic I would like to see in this column instead of how to avoid getting caught! When will our legal, law abiding minority community wake up and get tired of being taken for illegals and fight back?

William N. Turnbull
via e-mail

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