The new executive board for the India Association of Western Washington (IAWW) comprising 15 members was elected in its annual general body meeting in December, 2006. Debadutta Dash (known as Dash) was elected as the president of the association for the year 2007 along with Anjali Mathur as the vice president, Ponni Rajagopalan as the secretary and Ketan Shah as the treasurer. The other members are Dr. Pran Wahi as the leader for the Senior Program, Murthy Kalkura as the Camp Bharat (Youth Program) director, Ravi Sanga, Amit Niranjan, Ben Wilson, Ramesh Grover, Alleyamma Thomas, Chitra Parpia, Sajal Sahay, Ashutosh Tiwari, Kabir Shahani.

The India Association of Western Washington was established in 1983 by the local east Indian community with a mission to provide a common identity to the Indian community and facilitate cultural, social and educational services and opportunities for cultural integration from young to old of the community; as well as to foster those activities that enhance mutual understanding and appreciation between the Indo-American community and mainstream American community.

The award winning seniors program of the association is only of its kind in the state of Washington. The association also organizes many events throughout the year for the cultural awareness of the mainstream American community. The ever increasing population of the East Indian community in the Puget Sound region has become a vital part of the melting pot for the state.

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