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The Washington State Department of Revenue announced on Wednesday that it received 585 completed online applications for marijuana business licenses in the first three days that licenses were available.

Monday, November 18 was the first day to apply for producer, processor, and retailer marijuana business licenses as directed under Initiative 502 (I-502), which legalized marijuana in Washington state. I-502 directed the Liquor Control Board to establish policy rules by December 1, 2012 for growing, processing, and selling the drug. The Liquor Control Board approved a set of rules earlier this year.

The number of online applications submitted by 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, November 20 include 134 for producer licenses, 27 for processor licenses, 144 for retailer licenses, and 280 for producer and processor licenses.

Applicants for licenses now have through December 19 to apply through the state’s Business Licensing Service.

The Department of Revenue manages the state’s Business Licensing Service and will accept the applications on behalf of the state Liquor Control Board. Licenses will be approved by the Liquor Control Board. The Liquor Control Board began processing the licenses Wednesday, November 20.

Asian Pacific Islanders comprise a significant portion of people who were involved in the medical marijuana industry prior to I-502 and are among those looking to take advantage of business opportunities through I-502, according to the observations of those within the medical marijuana industry.

People who work closely with Asian youth and in drug prevention have cautioned that the API community needs to keep a close watch the social, economic, and health impacts of I-502’s implementation.

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