Blogger Phil Yu. Photo credit: KoreAm Journal.
Blogger Phil Yu. Photo credit: KoreAm Journal.

Blogger Phil Yu is on the November cover of KoreAm magazine, a monthly Korean American publication. Phil Yu is arguably one of the most popular and widely regarded Asian American bloggers in the country. His site features Asian American-related news stories, arts, pop culture, advocacy, and of course, his sarcastic and oftentimes scathing commentary. The blog started “as most blogs do – as a personal site to vent about issues,” Yu told KoreAm. Now, almost ten years later, the blog, “Angry Asian Man” ( draws tens of thousands of readers each day. Behind the blog is one unassuming 32 year-old Korean, Phil Yu, whose journal of personal musings is now one of Asian America’s most bookmarked blogs. “He’s a cultural critic who knows he’s part of a generation that doesn’t just welcome swift, relevant commentary — it depends on it,” reads the KoreAm article. “Phil has created what is now the most influential (some would say, essential) website in Asian America.” A selected portion from the interview:

KoreAm: Did you get exposed to Asian or Asian American film in your classes?

PHIL YU: That’s actually the most important part of this story. I was one of just a few Asian Americans in the film program. It was an isolating feeling, and there wasn’t a lot in the classes that spoke to my experience. But the year before I got to Northwestern, the students had gone on a hunger strike to protest the lack of Asian American studies. It lasted 23 days, until finally, the administration gave in. The program started in 1999, and I was one of the first students to enroll in an Asian American studies class. [If it hadn’t been for that program], Angry Asian Man would not exist.

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