Do you think you’re always forgetting something every time you go hiking?

Well, listen up, because I am here to help you out!

What do you need the most?! Food! Bring snack items or sandwiches. These

should be easy to grab and eat while you walk. On average, you burn 150-200 calories per mile of hiking. Bring replenishing snacks like fruit, nuts and energy bars, too.

What you should wear: you will need to bring warm gear. If you are likely to hike high in the mountains you need a full winter set of clothes in your back pack while hiking. If you stay in the valleys, waterproof gear and layers will be enough. I remember when I went

hiking, I was wearing jeans and a tank and was pretty warm during the summer.

Your shoes should be comfortable. If your shoes aren’t or don’t fit well, you may get blisters and it’ll hurt. Remember to wear thick long socks to avoid blisters.

It’s also important to never hike alone. A friend will be able to go and get help if something should happen to you. Plus it’s much more enjoyable to hike with someone. When I went hiking, I went with a group of people, and it was fun and an easy hike. If you have a dog you should bring it with you, too.

What you should have in your backpack if you’re hiking for a day: a

compass or map, water and snacks, a small first-aid kit, a garbage bag, any needed medications, and a camera. A good general rule of thumb is to: “Take nothing but pictures, and leave nothing but footprints.” In addition, bring a pair sunglasses, a hat and sunblock in warmer weather. You don’t really need bug spray because the higher you go, the less bugs. A mobile phone is always a good idea in case of emergencies. Because there no drinking water and bathroom, bring a hand sanitizer and toilet paper. If you have to use the bathroom while outdoors, please don’t “go” by the water, as it could contaminate the water system.

Hopefully I helped you in preparing for a hike. Have a great day hiking! Be safe and always remember, “take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints.”

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