The Little Toymaker

Written and Illustrated By Cat Min

The little toymaker is like the Santa Claus for older folks. Do grandmothers like toys? Of course, they do.

The little toymaker builds toys specifically for grandparents and other elder people. He creates magical toys for them.

An elderly woman, who was like his grandmother, visited him on rainbow mountain. She wanted the little Toy maker to make her a toy. She brought her old pink, candy tin. He was excited to create something special for her. The little toymaker knew that grandma had a young person living inside her; she likes toys too.

The little toy maker was thrilled to make her a beautiful bird that magically flew out of her tin when she opened it. But the grandma did not want that toy. The little toy maker tried again. This time, a large, fuchsia flower bolted out of the tin with a fuzzy, yellow insect. It was also delightful, but Grandma looked sad. This was not the toy she had dreamt of.

The little toymaker realized that he needed to take time to talk with Grandma to understand what she hoped to have in her toy. The little toy maker listened to Grandma telling him of her past memories of when a young man, the love of her life, enjoyed each other’s company. They walked, talked, and went many places together. Her memories were special treasures.

The little toymaker had an idea. He went to work on her toy. Later he gave Grandma her tin can back. She curiously looked at it. She slowly opened the tin and her precious times with the young man flew out of the tin. Grandma was so happy.

The caring little toymaker learned that sometimes to make magical toys, one must take time to learn about the person’s life and dreams.

The little toymaker is a generous and loving person who makes a wonderful Santa for Grandmas and other elderly folks.

This book is exceptional. The story is well developed with fantastic illustrations that bring humor, bold colors, and dream-like qualities to the picture book! Get it for your young reader and enjoy sitting together sharing the story of the little Santa Claus.

Tofu Takes Time

Written by Helen H. Wu

Illustrated by Julie Jarema

Grandma, NaiNai, decides to teach her granddaughter, Lin, how to make tofu from scratch. This precious story is about how Lin learns to be patient as her grandmother takes her through the steps of making yummy tofu.

First NaiNai puts soybeans into a huge bowl. “Plink, Plank, Plunk.” Lin says to her Grandma, “That doesn’t look like toful!” Her grandma explains that tofu starts with soybean seeds and the seeds needed soil, water and sun to grow.

Next NaiNai adds water to the soybeans and mixes them up in a blender. The soy milk is strained, “Pitter, Pitter, Patter.” “Is it done?” asks Lin. “Be patient,” says NaiNai.

Grandma heats the soymilk and puts in some lemon juice which creates curds “Drip, Drop, Flop.”

Then NaiNai pours the tofu into cheesecloth and strains out the liquid. The tofu begins to take shape and Lin pushes down on the lid of the container to help form the tofu, “Squeeze, Squash, Squish.”

Now Lin must wait. “Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock.”

“Can I have some now?” asks Lin.

“Be patient,” says NaiNai.

Grandma reads Lin some books while they wait.

Finally, NaiNai cuts up the tofu and mixes it with soy sauce, green onions, and oil and cooks them in a frying pan.

The tofu is delicious and Lin is so happy to have made it with her NaiNai.

Lin learned, “Good things take time!”

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