It’s that Give BIG time of year again, as I’m sure your inbox is letting you know.

This year, consider giving big to the International Examiner to support bringing back our fellowship program! We’ve received a $50,000 matching challenge from a generous donor specifically for the Advocacy Journalism Fellowship Program, and we ask for your support to reach our goal and bring back our fellowship program. With some pledges and foundation applications in the works, we’re on our way, but your individual donation will help us get there!

Make a Give BIG donation anytime on May 3 and 4.

Our fellowship program ran from 2017-2020 and engaged talented writers who wanted to be voices for AANHPI communities in the region who have been under-represented and/or mis-represented in mainstream media. The fellows both became trusted sources of storytelling for these communities AND diversified the IE’s coverage.

Over the three years of the fellowship program, our fellows did a deep dive into the following communities in the region to tell their stories in the IE: Samoan, Thai, Pakistani, Cambodian, Bangladeshi, Laotian, Cham, Tongan, East Indian, transracial adoptee, Taiwanese and AANHPI LGBTQIA communities. They learned community building skills through working with one another and with guest speakers from within our AANHPI community.

Help us bring back this valuable program with a donation that will be matched! Thank you so much for your support. Make a donation today.

Want to learn more about the fellowship program? Reach out to editor in chief, Jill Wasberg, [email protected]


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