Artists and participants gathered in Hing Hay Park to celebrate the Chinalek Festival. Photo by Debby Cheng

Flower Flower is a collective of queer and trans Pasifika and Asian artists and cultural workers who aim to create accessible, thriving art spaces in the Chinatown International District for communities to heal and grow together. 

On June 4, Flower Flower held the Chinalek festival at Hing Hay Park and their store to promote the vibrancy of the Chinatown International District community. While they had held a couple workshops with their artists in the past two weekends, the Chinalek Festival marked the final blooming of their two-week festival. They chose to name the festival “Chinalek” which means “laughter” and “flowers” in Chamorro language.  

Flower Flower is founded by five inspirational artists: Jae Eun Kim, Lourdez Velasco, So’le Celestial, Roldy Aguero Ablao and Monyee Chau. Kim said that they and other co-founders just got the keys oto their store located in the CID three weeks ago. They are currently still working on the store. Kim said the outside space of the store might be a showcase for their artists, while the room inside would be a studio for their artists. 

Stay tuned for their upcoming events on their Instagram page, @flowerflower_cid. 

Jae Eun Kim (right) and Monyee Chau (left) are spreading the joy of flowers with local community members. Photo by Debby Cheng
Le’Ecia Farmer is an artist from Flower Flower. She was selling her handmade products inside the Flower Flower studio. Photo/ Debby Cheng.
Joanne loves using her own creativity and decorates the plants into a cute version of living things. She put the eye stickers on a couple of her potted plants. Photo by Debby Cheng.
Tor Shimizu volunteered for the festival on Saturday. They said volunteers wore the cute accessory on top of the head so that they could recognize one another. They were also suggested to wear flower pattern top to be more engaged with the festival. Photo by Debby Cheng.
A plant poster was hanging at the Hing Hay Park during the festival. The big poster was completely handmade and drawn by volunteers and artists. Photo by Debby Cheng.

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