FAPAGOW, the non-partisan Filipino-American Political Action Group of Washington, endorsed candidates based on their qualifications and contributions to improving opportunities and service access for Filipinos, Asian Pacific Islanders and people of color. A highly animated process resulted in the following endorsements:

Ron Sims for King County Executive. Rated as Outstanding, Mr. Sims, despite continuing budget problems, successfully pursued social justice and preserved health and human services while sustaining affirmative action and contracting despite I-200. He increased small business utilization which includes a substantial number of minority and women businesses from 28.8% to 58.2%. He is leading the dialogue on tax fairness and is a founder and advocate for PISTA SA NAYON.

Larry Gossett for King County District 2 Councilmember. Rated as Outstanding, Mr. Gossett remains the quintessential anti-racist advocate effectively working in the system. He’s an advocate for criminal justice reform and accessible health, social and human services and affirmative action resulting in the county employing 25% people of color. As budget chair, he makes sure that the county attends to both people and regional infrastructure needs. He fights for immigrant civil rights given Homeland Security.

Geni Hawkins for King County District 7 Councilmember. Ms. Hawkins has high potential. Her top three goals include an effective regional transportation plan, reduction of crime while increasing public safety and small business development. With economic uncertainty, she believes that health, social and human services should not be reduced. She also believes that a percentage of County contracts should encourage minority, women and micro-business start ups.

Although there was no endorsement for Seattle City Council Position 2, Richard Conlin was highly regarded for helping ensure funding for the New Holly International Clinic which has numerous Filipino and Asian patients.

Similarly, there was no endorsement for Seattle City Council 4 Position. Jan Drago was affectionately referred to as a long time friend and strategist who is very responsive to community needs.

Also, there was no endorsement for Seattle City Council Position 8. Richard McIver is highly respected and loved for his constant assistance, in particular, having assisted in funding the Filipino Community Center remodel, participating in the Philippine trade mission to develop business opportunities, and advocating for education and at-risk youth interventions.

John Creighton for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 1. Mr. Creighton had an integrated dual business and community vision that is well worth mentioning fully — “to restore the Port’s strength as a major creator of family wage jobs for our region while making it a better public citizen — reaching out to communities that feel underserved by the Port and addressing the environment and social impact of Port operations on communities and habitats around Port operations.”

Lloyd Hara for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 3. Rated as Outstanding, Mr. Hara is a no nonsense long time API community activist. His vision is to have the Port be excellently managed, increase jobs and economic growth, improve public visibility and accountability of Port operations and increase participation of small business, especially minority and women businesses. He specifically wants to eliminate Port reliance on a $62 million property tax subsidy and make it profitable and gain back the West Coast market share that was lost. Mr. Hara is an auditor by profession.

Jack Jolley for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 4. With a financial management and business development background, Mr. Jolley wants to make the Port more efficient, accountable and prosperous. His three goals are to make it more globally competitive, efficient in leveraging taxes, and open and accountable on issues ranging from “how security decisions are made to the wisdom of selling port property at sub-market value.” In particular, he wants to represent the Port on the Port Jobs Board of Directors and increase its funding so that access to Port jobs and contracting can be improved.

Mary Bass for Seattle Public School Board Director Position 5. Rated as Outstanding, Ms. Bass’ top three goals are to eliminate disproportionality for people of color in academics, discipline, employment, contracting and special education, ensure responsible fiscal stewardship and mitigate the harm from WASL testing and the No Child Left Behind to the most disenfranchised and vulnerable students. She is attentive to bilingual education, special education, and the proposed closure of schools. Ms. Bass wants to continue the initiatives she has undertaken in her first term.

Cheryl Chow for Seattle Public School Board Director Position 7. Rated as Outstanding, Ms. Chow has consistently advocated for bilingual education, resolution of adverse discipline and education for all of our kids. Her leadership in the Seattle Chinese Athletic Association, which serves many Filipino youth, is laudable. As an educator, principle, administrator and strong personality, she will be an effective player to get the board to make realistic, effective and timely decisions.

Theresa Cardamone and Linda Thompson-Black were similarly rated as outstanding. Ms. Chow’s long term contributions moved FAPAGOW to give her a single endorsement.

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