AJFP Fellowship Program 2019-2020

Advocacy Journalism Fellowship Program (AJFP) is a joint collaboration between the International Examiner (IE) and the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Foundation (ACLF).

Application Deadline October 20, 2019

Five Fellows will receive an eight-months long training and be assigned to a community group identified as being underrepresented within the larger Asian Pacific Islander American community. Fellows will learn about the communities’ histories, relationships, and evolving struggles with the purpose of empowering those communities to mobilize, and to provide them with an appropriate platform to make their voices heard. Each Fellow working with the underrepresented communities will have pages in the print edition of the International Examiner and web pages dedicated to community voices, issues, news coverage, and culture.

We will be selecting five communities to focus on for the 2019-2020 program period, based on submissions from this list:

  • Cham
  • East Indian
  • Native Hawaiian
  • Korean
  • Taiwanese
  • Multiracial
  • Transracial Adoptee

Goals for the Fellowship Program include training the Fellows in editorial, print production, website management and writing skills required to maintain a community news operation. It also includes instilling upon the Fellows the kind of empathy and humility required for advocacy journalism through leadership training. By applying these skills while engaging underrepresented communities, the Fellows will experience first-hand the complexities of culture, politics, identity, and diversity within a community. The Fellows will need to apply their understanding of diverse communities and journalism ethics in their mission to give voice to those who often find themselves underrepresented or marginalized.

From writing opinion pieces, to engaging and interviewing a diverse array of community members to developing skills in mass communication, the Fellows will be responsible for making calls, developing strategies, and cultivating client relationships in a unique work environment with creative professionals in journalism.

The Fellows in this position need to be able to work with many different kinds of people and be able to adapt to a multitude of situations.

• 10 hours per week (5 hrs in office and 5 hrs remotely)
• $250 per month

• Understanding the intricacies of producing a bi-monthly publication
• Real world knowledge of working with underrepresented communities
• Hands on strategizing and planning
• Participating in regular staff meetings and trainings

• Researching needs, challenges and community members’ perspectives
• Assisting in brainstorming and story planning
• Developing Social Networks
• Establishing bonds with underrepresented communities
• Promoting a better understanding about and among our diverse Asian Pacific American communities

While the goal of the program is to empower new and emerging leaders – this program is open to all ages and ethnicities.

Thank you for your interest in the Fellowship Program. Please tell us a little about yourself and why you are a good candidate for the 2019-2020 program.


Bif Brigman

Fellowship Program Manager 1-206-499-2499 or [email protected]

TO APPLY: https://forms.gle/U2sxYiJFXgR2HxfRA