If you’re looking for a story full of heartwarming moments, you’re in the right place! Pawcasso, by Remy Lai is a graphic novel that any-paw-dy at or above a young reader level will enjoy. Lai weaves an amazing story together effortlessly with strong characters, adorable illustrations, and easy to follow writing.

We are first introduced to Pawcasso, a picture-perfect dog, strolling to the market square to shop for his family. Jo, a young girl bored for the summer, becomes intrigued and follows Pawcasso to the market. Simple choices and palpable-from-the-page social awkwardness snares Jo into a hole dug too deep: will she be able to tunnel her way out?

Whether you’re a dog person or not, Pawcasso is an amazing read. From dirty dog shenanigans to scrambling to not be caught in a lie, each subplot and story woven into the larger one is impactful. Through each panel, picture, and page, Remy Lai manages to capture a special space where the reader gets opportunities to learn and grow alongside Jo.

This story is perfect for young readers but I would encourage everyone to give it a read. I am very impressed by Lai’s ability to make such a compelling story easily digestible. In the heart of this pleasant graphic novel there is more than just a story of Pawcasso and Jo but also, a story of figuring out love (familial, friendly), growing into your own independence, and learning forgiveness.

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