Sub Sand
419 6th Avenue S (between Jackson St & Jefferson St), Seattle, WA 98104

Sub SandWith crispy and toasted sub-sandwiches with regular condiments, Sub Sand offers a variety of toppings that entices our sweet and spicy taste buds. An order of the barbeque pork sandwich includes a pile of dai-kon, freshly stripped carrots, cilantro, choice of onion and a special in house sauce topped with jalapeño juice and pepper. While Sub Sand can tailor to traditional Vietnamese flavored meat like lemon grass chicken, customers can also enjoy a range of mainstream choices like hamburger steak and turkey. “We started out with Vietnamese sandwiches, said Tom Dang, owner of Sub Sand. “And then we expanded to be cross-cultural so we can combine all the best things into one-of-a-kind.” Each sandwich is perfectly constructed to create a tower of fresh ingredients strategically piled on top of one another—providing fulfilling bites each time. Other than sandwiches, Dang also offers other suggestions. “The satay beef rice noodle and the Look Luck (Pan Fried) beef fried rice are one of the best items on our menu.” Located in the International District across the street from the post office and near the bank, Sub Stand is perfect for working people on short crunch -time lunch breaks.

Unicorn Crepes
421 6th Ave S (between Jackson St & Jefferson St), Seattle, WA 98104

Unicorn CrepesA French delight with a Japanese twist. Unicorn Crepes’ menu offers a hot, savory section with choices like tuna, ham and chilidog. Suggested by one of the crepe makers, the Okanomiyaki savory crepe will fulfill the lunchtime crave. With eggs, ham, shredded cabbage and added cheese, Okonomiyaki leaves a simmering seared and grilled flavored taste. To satisfy the sweet sensation, customers can binge on choices of fresh fruit like strawberries, banana or blue berries stuffed with custard, pudding, daifuki (tiny mochi balls) or ice cream. Watch as a scoop of batter is melted into a paper-thin layer on top of the griddle as it heats into a golden- brown color. Like eating ice cream, Unicorn Crepes will roll crepes into a paper that allows the eater to peel as they bite further and further. Right on the corner of 6th Avenue in the International District, Unicorn Crepes is convenient for those wanting a hot lunch, a mid-day snack or dessert after dinner.

Rice n’ Roll
828 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144

17278With several locations around the greater Seattle Area, the Rice n’ Roll located on Rainier Ave S. offers a much more convenient route because of its drive-in service. Reminiscent of a Dick’s Drive-Thru, Rice n’ Roll on Rainier Ave provides great parking space and an atmosphere that makes customers want to stand along the counter tops for a friendly conversation. Although Rice n’ Roll reflects many Japanese sushi choices like the California, Spicy Tuna or the Rainbow, the restaurant infuses other Asian flavors like the Bulgogi roll, a Korean-style marinated beef with lettuce and carrot. Or, the Thai Chicken roll marinated with Thai sauce. To create its local niche, Rice n’ Roll offers the Seattle roll with salmon, the Bellevue roll with spicy hamachi and its very own Rainier roll with spicy scallop. Rice n’ Roll offers bento combos that come with crunchy edamame (green soybeans) and soup. Or, order a hot rice bowl with the vegetarian tofu option and seafood choices with grilled eel or Chirashi (assorted fish and vegetable).

Shilla BBQ
(Inside Uwajimaya’s food court) 517 S Weller St., Seattle, WA 98104

ShilaLocated at a popular lunch-time hot spot inside Seattle’s Uwajimaya food court, Shilla BBQ is not only quick but provides a restaurant-esque appeal inside a bustling food court. With less than a ten-minute wait, Shilla BBQ is an immediate fix for a hot meal with Korean cuisine. Best during a chilly, rainy or cold Seattle day, Shilla’s menu includes spicy options that can warm bellies including their Kim Chee fried rice, Hwae Naem Yung (spicy buckwheat noodles) and Mae Woon Tang (spicy seafood casserole). All have different levels of spiciness that can lead to nose running and tongues tingling. For a simpler and lighter meal, try their beef dumpling stew or hot Kim Chee tofu soup.

University Teriyaki
4108 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

University TeriyakiFast and affordable foods are the best combinations for busy college students. Not a far walk from University of Washington’s main campus, University Teriyaki sit conveniently on the “Ave.” Mostly catering to UW students, University Teriyaki finds its rush hour from early noon to late 2 o’clock sit-ins. University Teriyaki is like a teriyaki joint with the usual beef, pork and chicken choices that offers spicy options as well. Or, customers can opt for the Yakisoba or chicken katsu. The other half of the restaurant’s menu offers Korean dishes—with staples like bi bim bap, kalbu and bulgogi. Korean and Japanese food served under one-roof—convenient for students to switch taste buds from time to time. Usually, an order comes with a side salad, two scoops of rice and a pile of their entrée choice.

Seattle Deli
225 12th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98144

Seattle DeliA quick drop-by at Seattle Deli equals a one-stop shopping for Vietnamese hot meals, appetizers including $2 spring rolls, steamed hum-baos, packaged desserts and even bubble tea. In the International District between S. Jackson and E. Yesler Way, Seattle Deli embodies a small market with food grabs for the whole family. For convenience, the Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches) is always a popular choice with four options: the bbq pork, grilled chicken, meat combination with Vietnamese pork sausage and an assortment of cold-cuts or a vegetarian choice of tofu. Try Seattle Deli’s pre-cooked hot dishes ranging from fried rice, vermicelli noodles, to vegetable stir-fry with broccoli and green beans, to deep fried fish and meat cutlets. Seattle Deli also offers Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk. Try their pre-packaged desserts with coconut sticky rice and colorful flour cakes and puddings. Remember to bring cash only!

Marination Mobile
Location Varies

Marination Mobile TruckDubbed to be Seattle’s “sauciest food truck,” Marination Mobile is the newest trend for Korean-Hawaiian cuisine on the curb. Currently, their usual spots include the SODO District, Interbay/Magnolia, Fremont, Beacon Hill, West Seattle and Safeco Field or follow them on Twitter to see where they are invited to host events. The cheapest dish on the menu is their $2 tacos—serving two tortillas with four choices: kalbi (tendered short ribs), pork, miso ginger chicken or tofu. Topped with their tangy sauce and signature slaw, the tacos are quick and very affordable. Or, try their Kimchi Rice Bowl or Kimchi Quesadilla that will leave taste buds jumping from the jalapenos. Marination Mobile started in the summer of 2009.

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