Dim Sum: The Seattle ABC (American Born Chinese) Dream by Vera Ing


Lifelong Seattle resident Vera Ing writes about her early days in Chinatown, growing up in the Central Area and raising a family in Mt. Baker during the Civil Rights Movement. She talks about enduring friendships and the power of community organizing. And she rediscovers treasured Chinese American traditions that have nearly vanished from families that have assimilated too quickly.

Reviews / Praise for the book

“Vera Ing’s Dim Sum offers us a most movable feast. Each chapter serves as a delightful repast that keeps one hungering for more. You are never quite satiated. Her stories waft with emotion, remembrances, and joy”

Norm Rice / Former Mayor of Seattle


“Written with charm and candor, this memoir is a true gift for our grandchildren and the generations to come”

Jean Davies Okimoto / Author, The Love Ceiling


“This is a touching, humorous and richly woven story, especially for younger Asian American and post-Civil Rights era activities. A local icon in Seattle”s Asian community, the author reminds us what community is founded upon: the values, traditions, and history of those who settled this country and made it their own, with unique cultural twists along the way.”

Hyeok Kim / Former Deputy Mayor of Seattle

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