Lifetime Achievement Award:
Pat Norikane Logerwell

Pat in the backyard garden
Photo courtesy of Pat Norikane Logerwell.

Pat Norikane Logerwell has passion and joy for the volunteer work in her life. She says her family provided the foundation and strength for her to keep giving.

“Volunteer work was something ingrained in us,” says Logerwell. “It was a gift from our parents.”

Her parents raised the family on a truck farm in Auburn, Wash. Despite working seven days a week, they still managed to do volunteer work for the community and their church. The leadership she saw through her parents has transcended her everyday work today. So when Pat Norikane Logerwell was announced to be the recipient of the 2013 International Examiner’s Lifetime Achievement Award, she credited her family and her community mentors. Their stories and experiences became the fabric of her life that ultimately shaped her journey.
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Outstanding Organization:
Executive Development Institute (EDI)

Executive Development Institute’s Portland-based Leadership Navigation Program, Class of 2013. Photo credit: Fred Calma Photography.

At a retreat center in Sea Tac, well-pressed suits, slacks and skirts betray the boisterous activity within conference room walls, where laughter and movement abounds and jokes about cultural stereotypes are readily exchanged.

Welcome to Executive Development Institute (EDI) — a place where Asian Pacific Islander and Latino American professionals in Seattle and now Portland, Ore. can not only discover their untapped power and hidden strengths, but learn to leverage them to advance their careers and serve their communities.

On a Friday afternoon in March, EDI’s new 2013 Seattle class meets for the first time to kick off EDI’s Discovery leadership program. EDI Executive Director Al Sugiyama says he’s proud of the fact that each busy professional has chosen to take time off work to develop themselves.
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Individual Artist Award:
Carina A. del Rosario

CA del Rosario-1
Carina del Rosario puts on her teaching artist hat and works with a young student. Photo credit: Shelly Schmidt.

It is not adequate to say the dream Carina A. del Rosario manifests is off the beaten path. In fact, it might just be the opposite.

“I think this idea that artists can make it on their own, that we’re independent and we forge certain paths that no one’s held, you know, it’s not true,” she says. “It’s at least not true for me because everyone has helped me along the way.

Del Rosario’s artistry is holistic, striking a balance between community organizing, arts administration, journalism, photography and empowering young people with creative tools as a teaching artist.
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Entrepreneur of the Year:
Tim Wang – T.D. Wang Advertising

Photo credit: Joe Yang/T.D. Wang Advertising Group, LLC.

One week in San Francisco.

Another spent in London.

This is now Tim Wang’s normal workweek schedule. No two weeks are ever the same. Wang is the founder of the Seattle-based marketing company, T.D. Wang Advertising Group, LLC. (“T” stands for Timothy, his first name, “D” for David, and “Wang” for his family name.) The firm focuses on businesses that want to target the pan-Asian, Hispanic and underrepresented audiences, an idea that transpired more than eight years ago. Now, he’s the Community Voice Awards “Entrepreneur of the Year” recipient.

Wang said, “[this] is truly an honor, especially since it comes from the International Examiner and the heart of this community, which is so near and dear to me. Also, without my talented team, I would be nowhere. So really, I’d prefer to accept this on behalf of our agency and hard work of our teams throughout the years.”
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Tatsuo Nakata Youth Award:
Heidi Park, Seattle’s Rising Young Political Leader

Heidi Park at the Seattle JACL dinner this spring. Photo courtesy of Heidi Park.

Finally, there are many bright, young leaders emerging to provide leadership on issues important to Seattle’s communities of color. Among this group is Heidi Park, who is president of the Seattle Chapter of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and a policy analyst for Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn. Though she is not a homegrown product of neighborhoods like Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley or the Central District, she understands and shares the concerns of many who live in those parts of the city.

Like Tatsuo Nakata, one of the youngest presidents in the history of the Seattle JACL, Heidi cares deeply about issues of social justice, likes working on public policy issues and works tirelessly to build strong communities. “Tatsuo would have really enjoyed working with Heidi on JACL issues,” said Bill Tashima, former president of the Seattle JACL.
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