Seattle City Hall. • Photo by Rootology
Seattle City Hall. • Photo by Rootology

A unanimous vote at the Seattle City Council on Monday, July 21, freed up $295,000 intended to begin the process for a proposed expansion of senior assisted living and senior health services in the International District.

Specifically, Council Bill 118152 lifted a proviso, or spending instruction, imposed on the Office of Housing. This, in turn, allows for money to go toward a predevelopment study that would evaluate the feasibility of expanding SCIDpda‘s Legacy House, a low-income housing facility located at 8th Avenue South and South Lane Street, and adding a new International Community Health Services (ICHS) clinic.

“We had an opportunity to talk with community advocates and the budget office last week at committee,” Councilmember Sally Clark said before the council. “The group that came forward has done some more expansive thinking. And it may or may not be expansion of Legacy House at 8th and Lane there. It may be a different site within the International District. And they have also done some really great thinking about what it means to provide senior services, particularly for folks who we would like to live independently in their homes for as long as possible. And that would mean looking at what is the newest thinking in terms of day services, health services, social services, and supports during the day for folks who are living in their homes longer. So there is a housing component that will be looked at for assisted living, there will be support for folks who are living independently in their homes, and there will be an ongoing look at the component that will be part of the ICHS clinic.”

The partners for the proposed senior care facility are ICHS, Nikkei Concerns, Kin On, and Legacy House.

Nikkei Concerns CEO Jeffrey Hattori said in a statement to the council: “Thank you very much for passing C.B. 118152 that lifted the budget proviso imposed on the Office of Housing Operating Fund Budget Control Level to allow spending for a predevelopment study that would evaluate the feasibility of expanding Legacy House and International Community Health Services. These funds are supported by a matching grant of $295,000 by the Coulter Foundation. … By releasing these funds, you have made a clear statement that the City is committed to the health and wellness of the API community and inspired me and my colleagues to be bold, innovative, and accountable to the communities we serve and for the funds we receive.”

Of the $295,000 in city funds, $41,800 is budgeted for the feasibility study of the SCIDpda/ICHS expansion, $109,700 for site section analysis, and $63,800 for site implementation analysis.

The study is expected to take about a year, Clark said.

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