"Uncle" Bob Santos. • Photo by Joe Mabel
“Uncle” Bob Santos. • Photo by Joe Mabel

The following is a statement from Chinese American Citizens Alliance, Seattle Lodge:

“Uncle” Bob Santos was unmatched in his contribution to revitalize the Asian Pacific American and greater community. He was widely recognized for his dedication to advocate for civil rights and social justice. Community leader “Uncle” Bob Santos passed away on Saturday August 27, 2016. He was 82. He was an icon for the Seattle Chinatown International District for over half a century.

“Uncle” Bob’s community involvements were second to none, both wide-reaching and substantial. He was a member of the “Gang of Four,” a group that fought for civil rights and equality, and battled against unjust government policies in the 1960-70s Seattle. Besides Asian American Uncle Bob, the “Gang of Four” included African American Larry Gusset, Latino Roberto Maestas, and Native American Bernie Whitebear. “This united powerhouse force supported each other’s ethnic communities and other groups in bettering life for all communities—locally and nationally,” observed Bettie Luke, C.A.C.A. Seattle Lodge Vice President. There has been no other multicultural team of advocates to match the impact of these leaders.

“I am aware of many of his efforts and accomplishments in creating a better community for the Seattle Chinatown/ International District. He will be greatly missed by all in the community,” C.A.C.A. Seattle Lodge President Ming-Ming Tung Edelman said.

“I have known Uncle Bob since the early ’70s. He was a pioneer and an inspirational community leader. We will missed him very much,” added C.A.C.A. Seattle Board Secretary Fred Yee.

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Legendary activist, community leader ‘Uncle’ Bob Santos passes away at age 82

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