Photo by my_southborough
Photo by my_southborough

When noted children’s writer and illustrator Walter Dean Myers wrote these words in an op-ed column in the New York Times Sunday Review in the early spring of 2014, he might have already known that things change slowly. Mother and daughter educators Valerie Ooka Pang and Jennifer Pang try to track down the reasons for this glaring omission in our literary landscape. As usual you’ll find a variety of reviews of books for young adults and children. During this holiday season, take the time to read to your kids and encourage them to enter the world of books even as the snowflakes fall. Happy holidays and happy reading!

—Alan Chong Lau,
Coordinator of Pacific Reader Literary Supplement


THE MISSING PICTURE: Where are Asians in children’s books today?

‘Hawaiian Journey’ tells story of self-reflection, self-discovery

‘Here I Am’ tells immigration story entirely through pictures

Phoenix provides a vivid look at Chinese musical instruments

‘Citizen 13660′ an illustrated look into life in concentration camps

‘Little White Duck’: Stories make up a world engrossed in the politics of a people

‘Barbed Wire Baseball’ a feast for the eyes and nourishment for the soul

‘Rules of Summer’ brimming with vivid stories, intuitive life lessons

‘The Thing About Luck’ brings an easy-to-read rhythm, creativity

‘The Race for the Chinese Zodiac’: Folktale will entice young readers

Four API children’s books reaffirm the power of imagination

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