Kin On’s Mahjong Night connects generations, attracting an average of 70 participants each night. • Courtesy Photo

By Kristin Tan
Kin On

The sound of tiles clacking against each other is punctuated by the sound of “Pung!,” uproarious laughter, and good-natured teasing. Another successful Kin On Mahjong Night is under way.

The idea of Mahjong Night started in 2012 when a few community members got together to play the ancient Chinese tile game with Kin On’s nursing home residents. Although the residents loved to play Mahjong and enjoyed seeing new, younger faces across the table, it was difficult for young people and community members to commit to spending their Thursday nights at a nursing home.

In 2014, we revamped the program to better engage with the untapped communities. Mahjong Night slowly gained traction as we provide food, prizes, and opportunities to both network with other professionals as well as to connect with elderly friends and relatives. This unique Mahjong Night not only reaches nursing home residents but also attracts recent transplants looking to get involved in the community but do not know where to start. It is a place where younger people can spend time with residents and to learn about Kin On’s mission of providing culturally relevant health care and programs for the Asian community, while socializing, eating great food, and gaining wisdom from older generations. We also created a post-Mahjong Night happy hour, Late Night Bites, in which attendees continue the fun and make community connections after the games ended.

Mahjong Night has morphed into a smashing success, becoming one of Kin On’s most anticipated and well-attended community programs with an average of 70 participants. Each evening is sponsored by local organizations, businesses, and families. As most people do not have a reason for visiting nursing homes or interacting with seniors outside of their own family, Kin On’s Mahjong Night provides a special opportunity for them to learn about aging gracefully and Asian culture, while helping form inter-generational bonds between young professionals and nursing home residents.

We invite YOU. Come eat, learn, and play Mahjong at these inter-generational tables at Kin On as we build a new type of community—one where age and language barriers do not exist and where a simple game can bring diverse groups of people together.

Join us for our next Mahjong Night on Aug. 24 from 6:45 p.m. to 9:15 p.m.

Hosted by C.A.C.A. Seattle and Sponsored by the Luu Family in loving memory of Mr. Hoa Luu.

Mr. Hoa Luu was a Kin On resident and enjoyed playing Mahjong with friends and families. In loving memory of him, the Luu Family is sponsoring the upcoming Mahjong Night as August was Mr. Hoa Luu’s birth month.

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