Dear Editor,

I knew that I was vehemently opposed to this exhibit (“‘Bodies’: Edu-tainment for the Masses,” Dec. 6-19, 2006) and the level of disrespect that it shows for those whose bodies are on display. I knew also that there was a good chance that they are the bodies of those who had cultural or political difference with what is currently happening in China. What I missed was the deep spiritual significance, affront and the lack of permission inherent in their procurement. The lack of family connection and the thought that “hungry ghosts” wander those halls is a further indictment of what I feel is a barbaric and inhuman display.

Thank you to International Examiner reporter Sian Wu for articulating many of the feelings that I have had below the surface since the arrival of this spectacle in Seattle.

Warm regards.
Bill Hacker
via e-mail

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