The Daily Telegraph in Australia reported on 23-year-old James Anthony Dean-Wilcocks, who has been charged with beating 67-year-old Magno Alvarado to death in a drunken race-hate killing in New South Wales on Oct. 12. Dean-Wilcocks apparently got intoxicated during his 23rd birthday celebration and beat Alvarado, who is Filipino. Neighborhood residents told police they were awakened in the early morning to a male yelling “F-ck off back to Japan,” and a man was heard to cry, “Help, help.” Another witness said he saw a man “fling the victim on to the footpath, pick up the victim, shake him and throw him to the ground.” One witness told police he yelled to the assailant to stop, asking what he was doing. “Mate, he is Japanese and he deserves it,” the accused allegedly answered.

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