– Proposition 1: Renewal of Seattle Housing Levy

The City of Seattle’s Proposition 1 concerns a seven-year property-tax increase for low-income housing assistance. This proposition would fund affordable housing and other housing needs of low-income households. It authorizes collection of regular property taxes above limits otherwise allowed by state law.

– Referendum 71: Domestic Partnership Law

On May 18, 2009, Governor Christine Gregoire signed the Domestic Partnership Law, which provides the same state rights and responsibilities to domestic partners that are afforded to legally married couples. This November, voters can Approve the law or Reject it in Referendum-71.

– Initiative 1033: Freeze on State Budget

Tim Eyman’s Initiative-1033 proposes that state and local government should permanently freeze spending at this year’s level. It also states that the state and local governments should not reinvest in public services and restore those lost, but instead help property owners pay their property taxes. Critics say I-1033 will make it harder for people to dig out of the recession; will force deeper cuts and lock them in for years; and threaten education, health care, and other basic services and may have unintended consequences. In 1992, Colorado became the only state in the nation to impose a revenue limit like the one in I-1033. By 2005, Colorado voters – led by a bi-partisan coalition of business leaders, teachers, seniors, healthcare providers, and firefighters – voted to suspend the law for five years.

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