As a South Pacific Islander woman, I became a school board director because of the communities who believed in me and the positive work that my husband and I have done within our own community as well as [the goal of] reaching out to other communities.

My long time commitment is to the children and youth of this southeast district. But my compassion is to really make changes within my southeast districts so all the children and youth will receive the equity education that they so long to receive.  As a mother and grandma of 17 grandchildren, it is my belief that school should be a sanctuary for all children and youth who attend each individual school.  We as a school should be equipped to make sure that every student that enters our school building would feel safe, motivated, and ready to learn.  If they are not ready to learn then it is the responsibility of the schools to provide whatever assurance that they can to every student who is in their school building.  School staff should always be ready to provide the necessary remedy needed to any student who attends their schools.

As an employee of the district for 32 years, this is what I provided for every student that I came in contact with.  I gave students the ability to know that there was someone who really cares about them.  They are special and no matter what negativity anyone told them, they are one of a kind.  God did not make any of us alike; we are all different. Each of us are special and children should be treated the same.  Just because a student is always in trouble does not mean that they can’t be reached. Remember: negative + negative = negative. I know this because for the last 32 years I have worked with students from all kinds of bad situations.  Many teachers are having problems reaching these very students, but I can tell you, it doesn’t make any difference if you are a good teacher. If you can’t reach every student in your class it means there is more work to be done.  Having a positive attitude with students will certainly help you to be a great teacher.

Remember, we were all students once. Understanding and compassion will make a difference in the attitudes of the students we deal with daily.


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