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In an era of hot-headed leaders, Japanese film collective offers up anti-war movies

As angry words are used like weapons by today’s leaders of countries possessing nuclear arsenals, cooler heads will prevail at Northwest Film Forum on August 18. On that night, the venue will host a screening featuring a dozen anti-war movies made by the Japan-based film collective, NOddIN. Besides watching films, the audience will also be treated to a Q&A with visiting artists, followed by a sushi and sake reception. Seattle resident Etsuko Ichikawa moved from Tokyo in 1993 to attend Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood. A member of NOddIN, she talks, below, about her own work and the collective’s purpose.

Films: Dynamic duos in ‘Absurd Accident,’ ‘Once Upon a Time’

While the couple in 'Absurd Accident' is actively uncoupling, just the opposite is happening with the duo in 'Once Upon a Time,' a fantasy film with a heavy dose of adventure that turns into a tale of true romance. ‘Absurd Accident,’ Mandarin with English subtitles, playing in select cities. ‘Once Upon a Time,’ Mandarin with English subtitles, opens in Seattle August 11. 

‘One Less God’ tells 26/11 story, ‘Reset’ an explosive sci-fi thriller

'One Less God' tells the story of 26/11, otherwise known as the 2008 Mumbai attacks, while 'Reset' is an explosive sci-fi thriller

Films: ‘Didi’s Dream’ is psychadelic, SIFF offers colorful Asian cinema

There are a lot of movies to be seen on SIFF screens through June 11. There are also several new theatrical releases.

Films: ‘After the Storm’ is extraordinary, real life in ‘Bad Rap,’ tragedy in ‘Angkor Awakens’

Fans of Japanese filmmaker Kore-eda Hirokazu will rejoice as the 43rd Seattle International Film Festival unspools his latest, After the Storm. A typhoon is headed straight to where Ryota’s (Abe Hiroshi) fragmented family lives in a...

Films: Sex and violence in The Prison and Cardinal X

A prevalent theme in mainstream South Korean movies these days seems to be unbridled violence. It’s almost as if plot has become secondary to blood spattering. In fact, amping up, the violence meter in...

‘Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa)’ a metaphysical film of hope

Currently the highest grossing anime feature worldwide, Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa) is based on a 1,000-year old poem by Ono no Komachi. In part, the lyrics read: “Before I slept I thought...

The Saga of Anatahan and Apprentice

Filmed in 1953, in stark black and white, The Saga of Anatahan looks like a Twilight Zone episode taking place in a tropical jungle. And, just like that famous TV show, the film’s rich...

Films: Karyn Kusama invokes Rosemary’s Baby, Happy Hour a marathon viewing

Hapa Japanese filmmaker Karyn Kusama is known for her critically-acclaimed 2000 film, Girlfight, starring Michelle Rodriguez. Just 32 at the time, Kusama reportedly spent two years prior searching for financing because she refused to...

Films: Asian features at 40th Portland International Film Festival

This year, Seattle’s neighbor to the south is celebrating the 40th International Portland Film Festival with several outstanding Asian features. If you like long drives and big screen excitement, then grab some wheels, head...