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Opioid epidemic inspires a new wave of patients to try acupuncture

Unlike prescription opioids, acupuncture doesn’t use any medication, just sterilized needles placed in specific places across the body. While medical researchers aren’t entirely sure how it works, they do agree that it usually helps patients feel better. For patients like Summer Lea Gray who has lived with lupus for over a decade, that’s all that really matters

Governor Jay Inslee facing public pressure to veto legislative amendment to Public Records Act

The Washington state legislature recently passed a bill shielding years of their emails and documents from disclosure through the state’s Public Records Act, defying a January ruling by a Thurston County judge that they violated the law by declining past requests from media outlets for these records. Despite the ongoing appeal by the Washington Legislature to overturn that ruling -- state lawyers asked the state Supreme Court to weigh in on the issue -- the bill would go into effect immediately after Governor Jay Inslee signs it into law due to an “emergency” clause

Little Saigon incorporated into Western police precinct

In response to public safety concerns and decades of community activism, the Seattle Police Department (SPD) recently announced it would incorporate Little Saigon into the Western Precinct, creating a single police beat encompassing the entire CID. As of January 24, Little Saigon and the CID are part of the same police beat, now about 50 percent larger