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Bob Santos—A champion for homeless people

Sharon Lee of LIHI shares her memories of Uncle Bob

Opinion: Rents Too High? We Need More Affordable Housing

The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) and other nonprofit housing organizations are working hard to build more affordable housing so that Seattle residents are not forced to leave the city because of skyrocketing rents.

Op-Ed: The Bare Essentials What About Clean and Safe Bathrooms for All?

Photo caption:   An Urban Rest Stop bathroom. Photo credit: Low Income Housing Institute. How often have you searched around to find a public restroom? Many of us take for granted that we can find and...

Op-Ed: Why is Sharon Lee’s Picture All Over the ID?

  Disclaimer: The IE does not endorse opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed in editorial articles.     By now hundreds of people have seen my face on flyers plastered on telephone and utility poles throughout the International District...