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Dosa House in Bellevue: Pure vegetarian, pure taste bud heaven

The newly opened Dosa House will take you on a journey of Indian cuisines -- and all the dishes are vegetarian

Bollywood thriller Raazi is based on a true story of espionage during the Indo-Pakistani...

Raazi is strong dramatic thriller that unfolds the story of espionage, and it is a must-see movie for one who wants to understand the emotions during the war of India and Pakistan in 1971.The...

Sikh Captain America fights intolerance with exhibit Wham! Bam! Pow!

“The massive six-lane highways in L.A., the big groceries stores and so many choices of cereals available in one store, this was a cultural shock for me,” said Vishavjit Singh. Singh came to the...

Holi festival splashes Bellevue with color

Holi is a traditional festival for Hindus, but the festival is celebrated all over the world. The true spirit of Holi is seen at all Holi events. People come together from all walks of life to participate in Holi. Revelers throw vibrant colored powder on each other, leaving festival-goers coated in color by the end of the day. This shading of one another in bright colors has a significant meaning of all participants being one and equal

Spouses of temporary foreign workers fear Trump will take away their work authorization

Imagine hunting for a job in a foreign country you have never been to. Now, imagine that involves securing a work visa too; every time you submit your job application, employers ask about your visa status.

Architecture exhibit tells the story of CID street revitalization

The Seattle Architecture Foundation (SAF) exhibit “Main Streets in a Changing America” showcased how five communities across the country have successfully revitalized their main streets. One of the communities highlighted in the exhibit was the Chinatown International District (CID).

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen: “I never want to be an insider completely”

On February 24, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen spoke at the Seattle Central Public Library to promote his new book, The Refugees, a collection of stories that explores immigration, identity, love and family. In...

Presidential forum focuses on the AAPI Community

The growing population of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community has compelled the presidential candidates to think about them and to prepare a roadmap to draw their votes for their respective parties. The...

19 people from 14 countries naturalized on Flag Day at Seattle City Hall

At end of the ceremony every new citizen had small souvenir American flags which were distributed at the event and they immediately registered to vote and completed their passport applications.