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America is My Home: Ellen Suzuki

Ellen Suzuki - IE Business Manager - Incarcerated during WWII didn’t stop her family’s dream. As Asian Pacific Islanders living in the United States, we have all asked questions relating to our immigrant past: how...

A New Generation Learns the Legacy of Chin’s Murder

A new film about the 1982 killing of Vincent Chin aims to preserve the memory of the tragedy to a new generation of APIs. The film, “Vincent Who?”, commemorates a murder that galvanized the API civil rights movement, but as its title suggests, inquires into the case’s lack of awareness within the community.

My Schizoaffective Disorder Almost Killed Me

My mother remembers it clearly. I was unconscious at the time, so I cannot recall the details of what happened. I only remember the point of impact as my body collided with the car, a hellish scream emanating from my throat as I faced certain death. Then, according to my mother, my body flew about fifteen feet into the air, only to be hit by four more cars on the way down.

Vietnamese Marijuana Growers Through the Eyes of their Defense Attorney

The Vietnamese American community in Seattle is becoming increasingly stigmatized as more Vietnamese American marijuana growers are busted for their involvement in the growth and trafficking of marijuana in the Pacific Northwest. The publicity comes...

Eco-Home Sweet Home

A Bellevue couple completes and settles into their certified “Green Concept” home – the first of its kind in the city.

Toasting Viet Wah Owner’s New Lounge in Renton

The south-end has sparkle this season with a new chic lounge, themed drinks and live entertainment.

History In Our Making: The Chinese Expulsion Remembrance Project

Go back in time about 125 years ago. It’s between 1885 - 1886 in the Puget Sound region. In Tacoma, Seattle, and Bellingham, white “native” rioters force Chinese immigrants to flee their homes because of competition for jobs and the economic downturn. Chinese immigrants suffered discrimination on an unprecedented scale that engulfed the entire region. In Bellingham, media and civic leaders gave the Chinese a deadline of November 1, 1885 to permanently leave the area. The reason for the expulsion, which has relevance in today’s economic and anti-immigration climate: the Chinese immigrants were perceived to be taking away jobs from the majority. In an effort to preserve the economic supremacy of the majority in the region, white leaders organized an all-encompassing plan to rid the area of Chinese immigrants. The exact number of Chinese expelled is unknown, but it is estimated that 200 Chinese in Seattle (a significant number in the region during that time) were forced to leave on ships bound for China, leaving 150 Chinese immigrants stranded in the area.

Technology in Education: Hurts or Helps?

IE Arts Editor Alan Chong Lau highlights the latest January happenings in visual arts, film, theater, books and more

Technology in Education: Hurts or Helps?

Over the years, technology has become an important part of young people’s lives. From text messaging on cell phones to communicating via Facebook, young people now have many ways to find entertainment and engage...

Social Issues of the Unbanked

There are approximately fifty thousand households in the United States who do not use banks. Many of these unbanked households are comprised of low-income, minority families that see no need to open a bank...