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Enduring Conviction author keeps Fred Korematsu legacy alive

Like many Japanese Americans whose families were placed in incarceration camps during World War II, Lorraine K. Bannai, law professor and author of Enduring Conviction, found that, for those who experienced it, the forced...

‘Tiny Pretty Things’ is addictive

Set in a fictional elite ballet academy in Manhattan, the first installment of a planned series follows a group of adolescent students all vying for the coveted lead roles in the winter and spring shows of an academic year.

‘Full Cicada Moon’ explores teen struggles, biracial identity

Told through the poetry Mimi scrawls in a journal for a school assignment, the book follows the ups and downs of middle school life—only for the protagonist, being an unwelcome outsider makes everything much more difficult.

‘String Theory’: Graphic novel series features hapa heroine

The new comic "String Theory" takes you to the underground world in Tokyo where Rori, the heroine, learns of powers that are only just awakening.