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Sharing Bob(Dad): A life and legacy of craft, community, and care

“Alice say, have to have somebody accompany me. Everywhere I go. No walking alone.” — Bob Shimabukuro, Final column, 4/3/2021 Bob(Dad) My father, Bob Shimabukuro, often signed his cards and letters, “Love, Bob(Dad).” I always thought...

A just memory of unintelligible life: “Speak, Okinawa”

I’m struggling to write this review. Prior to February 2021, if you searched Amazon for books on “Okinawa,” you’d face a deluge of titles related to World War II: Bloody Okinawa, Crucible of Hell, Descent...

Okinawan Princess reclaims the power of a forbidden cultural practice in Okinawan culture

I’m a hapa haole Uchinanchu, born and raised in Portland, Oregon by a Montana-bred haole/white mother and a Hawai’i-bred Uchinanchu/Okinawan father. I am three generations removed from Uchinaaguchi, our indigenous language, two generations removed...