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Junichiro Tanizaki’s translated works remind us of a creative drive within Japan’s strict codes...

The fascination for, and popularity of, fiction by one of Japan’s most famous 20th century writers, the sexually fixated and often ghoulish Junichiro Tanizaki (b. 1886, d 1965) continues. As I have explored my own cultural identity through travel to Japan, I pair that experience with reading translations of a wide range of Japanese authors over the years, and today love the works of Japanese writers of the international art community (Murakami and Ishiguro). So, of course, I am drawn to two new English translations of Tanizaki’s short fiction: “The Maids” and “Devils in Daylight,” and a reissue of The Gourmet Club.

STG presents Sessue Hayakawa in The Dragon Painter

The Dragon Painter, a 1919 film that will be presented by Seattle Theatre Group (STG) on March 6, stars Sessue Hayakawa as Tatsu, a wild young painter who lives in the mountains of Japan...

Reflections on the 75th Anniversary of Executive Order 9066

Over the years, I’ve had a troubled relationship with what we Japanese Americans have called “the internment.” Sometimes I have been tired of talking about it. The repeated stories of woe, hardship, lost businesses, lost...

Tay & Val build platforms for people to tell the truth, find transformation

Opening night of the Seattle Asian American Film Festival (SAAFF) will begin at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 23, at the SIFF Cinema Egyptian Theater, and feature films by Seattle-area filmmakers, including TEDx storytellers Tay...

Mayumi Tsutakawa: ‘Alan Lau is the behind-the-scenes lifeblood of API arts community in Seattle’

Alan Lau is the behind-the-scenes lifeblood of the Asian Pacific Islander American arts community in Seattle and the entire Pacific Northwest. He is an acclaimed painter, published poet, and essential art critic for the nationally recognized Asian Pacific American newspaper, International Examiner, and other publications. Moreover, Alan has created some of the most fundamental building blocks of what makes Seattle a recognized center of Asian Pacific American art in America.

A History of Asian Community Media

The International Examiner, like many other alternative and homespun community media (our comrades of paste-up tables), have thanklessly persisted. While some have gone under (temporarily ceased publication), others have weathered the storms, even matured and improved. Some have transformed themselves from print to electronic media or vice versa.

The Stadium Impact Story

“Why should we give way graciously to the County’s misallocation of public funds to build a sports stadium?” perhaps summarizes the three years Diana Bower spent on the Stadium Impact Project which recently lost...