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Mike Wu’s smash hit ‘Ellie’ returns

In Mike Wu’s follow up to his smash hit children’s book 'Ellie,' the helpful and enthusiastic elephant spruces up the zoo in another friend-filled tale.

Author Minh Lê and illustrator Isabel Roxas open up about children’s books

Spoiler alert! In picture book Let Me Finish! by Minh Lê, illustrated by Isabel Roxas, the spry, red spectacled narrator is chased through vivid environments, only to be interrupted by well-intentioned animals. In one of the best executions of the “meta-book,” Let Me Finish! lets kids and adults in on the joke together, as the narrator starts climbing over pages in order to read in peace. In addition, Let Me Finish! beautifully demonstrates the blessings and curses of having a supportive community. IE corresponded with writer Minh Lê and illustrator Isabel Roxas about their take on modern classics for children, their parents’ reactions to their creative work, and advice for those who want to pursue creative endeavors.

Picture books help keep culture and history present

In a constantly changing world where technology beckons to us nearly every minute of everyday, both picture books What Was It Like, Mr. Emperor? and All About the Philippines ask us to sit down...

Finding Home in a Foreign Land

January is a month of new beginnings: a time to reflect on things we want and the aspects of our life that need a change. Allen Say’s newest picture book, “Erika-San” illustrates that it...

Finding Home in a Foreign Land

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