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In California, a debate on teaching Indian history

It’s no surprise nowadays that teaching history is not an objective practice given who gets to write history. In California, a contentious debate has been brewing about just how to teach the history of...

Queer, transgender South Asian anthology celebrates anniversary

For many South Asian queer and transgender individuals, addressing both their queer and trans identity with their Desi families is akin to a balancing act. But an anthology, which recently celebrated its first anniversary...
Sanjay Rawal, far right, moderates a panel discussion with Columbia Legal Services attorney Andrea Schmidt, activist DJ Cavem, and Emma Zavala-Suarez, an activist and former farm worker. • Photo courtesy of Columbia Legal Services

‘Food Chains’: Sanjay Rawal on the fight for food justice

'Begin asking questions of your food suppliers. Ask them how workers in their supply chain were treated. Chances are they won’t know, but if enough people ask, we will create market demand. That demand will necessitate stores supporting farmers and suppliers that do treat workers well.'

Seattle South Asian Film Festival opens 10th year with new features

SSAFF will take place from October 15 to 25 in five cities: Seattle, Redmond, Bothell, Bellevue, and Renton.

District closes alternative school, community responds

Middle College community to speak at July 1 SPS meeting

Climate change: Groups launch community research on inequity

Survey designed to also inform respondents

Kent workshop helps Burmese refugees navigate education system

Burmese refugees a displaced population

Northwest Thai community rallies for democracy, new leadership

Western media coverage said to be misleading