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How democracy vouchers are changing Seattle campaign finance in 2017

Democracy Vouchers essentially put $100 into the hands of hundreds and thousands of eligible Seattle residents in January to create a way for more people to participate in their local government. So what’s happened with those vouchers -- which were recommended to be placed in “visible areas” so as not to forget or lose them?

Densho Day of Remembrance discussion drew over 1,500

Passion broke through as Troy Osaki’s voice cracked at a climax in his spoken word piece. This passed-down story of Japanese American incarceration was personal to him and many others as was made clear...

Massive Monkees build community with a new generation

Capturing breakdancing with a camera is difficult. Articulating it with words is as nuanced as the word itself which b-boys and b-girls refer to as “breaking” as opposed to “breakdancing”. Yet it is not...