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Filipino cultural tattoos are alive again in Filipinx America

There is an ancient and traditional form of tattooing from the Philippines that is nearly forgotten and largely disconnected from other Asian Pacific cultural knowledge. I decided to seek out one of the few...

Uncovering Bruce Lee’s public school years

“My older brothers at Garfield were always complaining about this Chinese kid who was getting notorious around the neighborhood. He was known for being able to beat up more than one guy. Apparently, they...

Cindy Domingo honored as a Woman of Courage

The word “revolution” can be synonymous with terms like metamorphosis, turning and transformation. The University of Washington Women’s Center seeks to recognize women who have brought liberation and revolution to the lives of women....

Local human rights organizers grade Duterte with an ‘F’ for Failure

Filipino Americans of the Greater Seattle area raised concerns regarding a conflict in the Philippines with multiple forums across the region. On May 23, 2017 Filipino President Duterte declared martial law in Marawi City, Mindanao. The southern island city was besieged by ISIS affiliated militants. Since then, an estimated 294,000 Filipino people have been displaced (ACAPS).

Opinion: A Tale of Two Parks– the Hing Hay expansion

Seattle can now celebrate and experience the new expansion of Hing Hay park in the International District. After receiving a budgeted $3 million for a parks renovation in 2008, and the old Post Office moving in 2014, the park now spans the entire length of the King Street’s north side. Multiple delays in the process may have increased the cost, but that hasn’t been brought up much, from what I’ve heard in the community. All that we’ve seen so far are people lounging with their dogs along the pristine walkways, and children chasing flocks of birds in the new open spaces.  

Opinion: Alex Tizon’s final confession offers reflection on our own history and duplicity

First, we must lay down in humility and find those on the ground who we have not acknowledged are put down serving us. Even Alex Tizon realized this duplicity in his life, if anything his love and regret for Lola are a call for us to fall on our pride and remove this shame. Tizon and Bulosan both saw what was happening at the bottom to people.