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Snapshot in Time: 1976 in the early International District Emergency Center

One of the first from photographer Dean Wong

Holiday Incense: A Son Remembers Christmas in Chinatown

When I decided to visit my mother at Lakeview Cemetery a few weeks ago, I thought about buying flowers. “She wouldn’t want you to spend that kind of money. You know how she was,” said...

Remembering the Unofficial Mayor of Chinatown, Jimmy Mar

After a distinguished career as a funeral director in the Chinese American community, James Malcolm Mar passed away peacefully in his sleep on July 11. Mar, 98, was an institution helping countless families as they...

A Day in the Life of San Francisco’s Chinatown

As night begins turning into day, the city of San Francisco beings showing signs of life. People come out of their homes on their way to work. Buses and street cars begin filling up. The...

“Hello Mama”: Growing Up in the Chinatown Laundry Biz

One by one, the Filipino bachelors would return from the Alaskan canneries with a pocket full of cash and a duffle bag full of dirty clothes. Walking into the Re-New Cleaners, they would greet my...

Remembering Michael Wang

A memorial fund for the family of photographer Michael Wang, who was killed in a hit-and-run accident on Friday, July 29 after riding his bike the day before, has been established by colleagues. Wang,...

Not On the Menu: Uninsured Restaurant Workers

For a physical job that wears heavily on one’s body and occupational hazards always looming, restaurant workers are especially vulnerable. Many are immigrants with little to no protection.

Proposed Budget Cuts Will Hurt! Save the C/ID Emergency Center!

IE Arts Editor Alan Chong Lau's comprehensive list of the latest July events and works to experience in the visual arts, film, theater, books and more

Proposed Budget Cuts Will Hurt! Save the C/ID Emergency Center!

The Examiner continues to reserve space in our publication to serve as a sounding board and microphone for all API causes. Please use “My IE” to share your fight for the community! E-mail: [email protected]

Outside the Paint: When Basketball Ruled at the Chinese Playground

When Yao Ming’s Houston Rockets came to visit the Seattle Sonics in his rookie season, a Chinese basketball tournament was being held in town and hundreds of Chinese, some of them quite tall, were...