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The History of Japanese American Strawberry Farms on Bainbridge Island

For denizens of the Pacific Northwest, the summer months of June through August mark the harvest season for cherries, boysenberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Long before large-scale fruit growing became a successful staple...

America is My Home: Collin Tong

Collin Tong - IE Staff Reporter - Planting roots in San Francisco’s Chinatown. In 1937, when my parents set sail on the S.S. Cleveland from Guangzhou bound for Honolulu, and thence to San...

Eastside Story

We’ve observed it for some time, but the recent Census confirms it. APIs are planting roots on the Eastside in astonishing numbers.

Race Matters: The Color of Cuts

The disproportionate impact of budget cuts on communities of color in Washington.

Travel the World in the 98118

A much sought after multicultural bazaar opens at the diverse cross-section of MLK Jr. Way and Othello—paving the way for economic vitality at the city’s cultural hub.

Mayor Gives $1M to Seattle’s Business Districts

The economic decline in some local neighborhoods is given a jump-start in the mayor’s Seattle Jobs Plan. The Asian community’s homebase, the Chinatown/International District, is granted the most funding.

API Community Reaction To Former SPD Officer’s Dropped Charges

The incident stirs more concern over the SPD’s treatment of people of color and its inadequate training to respond.

Light Shed on a Dark Chapter in Pacific Northwest History

The expulsion of Chinese from Seattle by White rioters is remembered at recent commemorative events and shown to be a topic as relevant today as it was 125 years ago.

Budget Cuts Are Bad For Your Health

The debate rages on how local community clinics, such as the ID clinic, will serve a needy population with the bulk of its funding and services on the chopping block.