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Community groups, nonprofits key in bridging the digital divide

Vietnamese Friendship Association creates digital media lab

Dragon Fest, Night Market to showcase International District cultural heritage

CIDBIA executive director Don Blakeney on the evolution of the festival

API Women Pioneers

Asian American women have historically had to overcome many barriers, such as legal restrictions when U.S. laws limited their immigration to the states; segregation; and later, stereotypes when Hollywood began portraying them in the...

API Women Pioneers

Miura’s book is more than just your typical fairytale—The Tiny King shares a universal message and speaks volumes about how riches and power do not mean that you’re living a fulfilling life. This simple story of a tiny king with a big heart and huge amounts of love to share is one that is perfectly fitting for any person of any size.

A Matter of the Heart

You know that feeling? You’re looking at that person across the room…and suddenly you feel a little lightheaded? Maybe a little short of breath? Well, besides being in love, you could also be experiencing...

A Matter of the Heart

Promising futures for Miss USA contestants

Is Tacoma the South-End’s Emerging International District?

Seattle’s Chinatown/International district has existed for over 100 years. Tacoma, too, once had a Chinatown. The need for cheap railroad laborers led to Chinese immigrants settling in Tacoma in the mid-1880s. Because of prejudice, the...

Oui Like Gambas

Gamba’s is a relatively new Japanese and French restaurant, located in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood. Because its located next to a bar and across the street from a park, Gamba’s gets a...