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Queering Contemporary Asian American Art: A long overdue intervention

It has now been over two decades since Russell Leong noted in his groundbreaking essay, Homebodies and the Body Politics, that “in the United States, the myth of Asian Americans as a homogeneous, heterosexual...

Supporters of Syrian family gather outside the INS building to protest detention

On Feb. 22, Safouh Homoui, his wife Hanan, and their daughter Nadin, who are from Syria, were taken at gunpoint by FBI and INS agents. They are currently being detained at the INS building. The Homouis other children, including a young son who is an American citizen, are being looked after by an uncle.

Queer in Asian America

Sliding comfortably into a chair on the sidewalk at Starbucks, Jimmy Cho pulls a cigarette out of its box then offers me the pack. When I decline, his eyebrows rise slightly as if he’s...

What Happened at No Gun Ri?

History has a long and bitter tradition of forgetting those events it deems too shameful to address. In a small village some 100 miles outside of Seoul, and an unfathomable distance from our collective consciousness, historic amnesia came to a sudden awakening as a number of American veterans of the Korean War, not in the twilight of their years, joined a handful of survivors, who had been shouting into unhearing ears for nearly half of a century, and proclaimed that an unspeakable atrocity had been committed there.